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Furniture & Floors North offers a variety of sofas and loveseats, including some with recliners and some with beds! The majority of our upholstered living room furniture comes from Best Home Furnishings. We also carry Lancer Furniture, offering a great assortment of smaller pieces for your smaller rooms!  Those shown here represent a small taste of the selection we have; fabrics will vary from those in our showroom.



A larger traditional button backed sofa with fluted legs, deep seat.
In stock in a blue fabric with fun pillows!

Lots of fabric options available.


We call this the “batman” sofa! In stock as shown, ebony fabric
with power option...articulating headrest...very cool!

Several fabric options available!


This sleek sofa is in stock as shown, ivory leather!

M760   This comfy sectional is in our showroom in a beautiful chocolate
leather,  complete with console and manual recliners!

A must see!
LAN5110   A GORGEOUS traditional sofa! We have this beauty in stock as
shown (without the tacks though!)...this is a must see piece!
S64DPL   A beautiful traditional stationary sofa! We have in stock in this
beautiful chocolate leather with coordinating accent pillows.
 LAN4200   A great country style sofa. This beautiful sofa is in our showroom
in a hunter green plaid.
 LAN6200   A modern full length sofa! This beauty is in our showroom in the
fabric shown; coordinating chair easily available!
  This comfy reclining sofa is beautiful and in our showroom in a
navy fabric! 

Matching loveseat & chair, easily available!
This leather reclining sofa is AWESOME and very popular!!
We have the loveseat in-stock in  leather, color burgundy along
with a matching recliner--the sofa is on its way. 

Leather also available in mushroom and chocolate colors! 
Regular fabrics can be put on these pieces too!
This loveseat is in our showroom as a space saver without the
console in a chocolate fabric...very  nice!! 
    Another gorgeous leather loveseat!  This piece is in our showroom
as shown...chocolate leather, with console and power options!
Stop in and try it out!!

This gorgeous reclining sofa is in our showroom, along with the
matching loveseat in a burgundy leather...VERY NICE!! 

The matching recliner is on its way! Also instock: loveseat with
console and matching recliner in chocolate leather (sofa on order)
and a power sofa in a beige/brown fabric.  Many options available,
including power!  

This is a BEAUTIFUL set!
This stylish sofa is in our showroom in a dark blue fabric.
Matching pieces easily available!
    A gorgeous stationary leather collection.  We have the sofa and
matching chair in stock as shown! Also in stock: sofa and loveseat
in pecan leather!
S76 ROOM  
An absolutely beautiful set in burgundy leather!

Sofa, loveseat and chair in stock!
We have this beautiful sofa in stock in a black/coffee